It's an app. It's a card. It's a system.RTD's MyRide fare payment system offers customers more convenience and flexibility than ever before.

Features and Improvements

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MyRide Tools and Resources

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RTD MyRide App

Use the mobile app to scan and ride with your MyRide Barcode. You can also manage your MyRide balance and payment options, and purchase mobile tickets and Monthly Passes.

Validators with scan and tap functionality.

Scan your MyRide Barcode or tap your MyRide Card at the validators for the easiest and fastest way to pay your fare. When you do, the MyRide system automatically caps your fare to ensure you never pay more than you should!

MyRide Card

Don't have a mobile phone? Want to add other users to your MyRide account? Then the MyRide card is for you! The MyRide Card replaces the previous mix of transit cards, storing all account details on the backend. Simply tap your card at the validator to pay your fare with your MyRide balance, and never pay more than you should!

MyRide FAQ

When did the new system launch?

Customers began using the new RTD MyRide system in September 2022 as new validators were being installed across all RTD buses and rail platforms.

What is fare capping?

Fare capping ensures you never pay more than you should on RTD. When you use your MyRide Barcode or MyRide Card, 3-Hour Passes automatically convert to Day and Monthly Passes. Fare capping also applies to individual tokens, so an account holder using their MyRide barcode will accumulate trips separately than those using a MyRide Card connected to the same account. This way, everyone saves!

What if I used the RTD Mobile Tickets App?

No need to install a new app, simply update to get the RTD MyRide app and all the new features!

Do I need a mobile device to manage my new RTD MyRide account?

No, you can also manage your MyRide account online in the MyRide web portal.

What if I have an old MyRide Card?

Create a new RTD MyRide account and use the MyRide Transition Form to transfer the balance of your old MyRide card to your new RTD MyRide account.

Why did RTD change its fare payment system?

RTD’s Fare Modernization Project aims to to offer a better customer experience while improving data processing and security. The new MyRide fare payment system is a technological leap forward for customers and the agency, and replaces RTD’s previous card-based system with a cloud-based system while also providing an upgrade path for integrating additional payment options in the future.

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Zero Fare for Youth

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